Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sort of bad news

Well all, I have a bit of bad news. I was at the library last night getting a few books. Yeah, I know. I can't resist. Anyway, I have checked out the copy that the Public Library has of "Little Lady Agency". I got it to show it off at our first meeting. Well, our newest member, Andrea, came in to get a library card and to try and find that book. I was talking to the librarian about getting a copy for her on Inter Library Loan. Turns out that if the public library owns the book, they can't get it on loan from another library. So, I checked out "Possession" and will try to read it on my trip to Texas next week. Then, I went online and ordered copies of all six books from Amazon. I got them all used and spent no more than $25 including shipping. Seems pretty affordable. The other option is to read early and make notes. Just wanted to let everyone else know.

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